Dupont dyes should be steam set to fix the colors in the fabric. The steaming process intensifies the hues and bonds the dye to the silk and wool fibers. Steaming can be done in a stainless steel pot or professional steamers can be used for the process.

JacquardStovetopSteamerThe stovetop steamer is made of stainless steel and has a hinged top. Silk fabric up to 36″ wide can be rolled onto the provided rod which allows steaming fabric yardage or smaller pieces without creasing. The rod is suspended from holders inside the steamer; the steaming water is below the rolled fabric. The steamer fits across one or two burners on a stove top and is very easy to use.


Jacquard Vertical Steamer
The vertical steamer is a professional steamer with its own heating element. The 2000 watt heating element is available for either a 120 volt / 16 amp or 240 volt / 8 amp power source. The steamer can be used to steam fabric up to 54″ wide or the individual cylinders can be used separately for narrower fabrics. The cylinders are double-walled and made of heavy duty stainless steel. When both cylinders are stacked together, the until is 74″ tall.
A separate steamer core is available (must be purchased separately). The core is a 60″ long tube woven of stainless steel wire. The core permits heat and steam to reach the fabric from the center as well as from the outside of the roll. The core hangs from the top of the steamer and is easy to load.

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