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I have always been drawn to color and fiber, especially to the myriad types of silk. The different weights of silk fiber and the various weaves add rich texture to the images I paint. My work is focused on color using abstract images based on nature. I am intrigued by the way colors interact and the emotional reactions they invoke from people viewing the work. The silk paintings range in size from small, framed pieces to large, suspended sheets of fiber.  My work also includes wearable fiber, handpainted silk ties, handpainted silk and wool scarves and fabrics.

Several years ago, I was motivated to teach others how to paint on silk,  and I found that I enjoyed teaching immensely.  The Houston Center for Contemporary Craft and the Southwest School of Art have provided venues for silk painting workshops since 2002. Presenting workshops and classes enables me to share the techniques and processes learned over many years and to experience the excitement students feel when they create beautiful silks.

When I began painting on silks, there was not much information available on silk dyes, steaming and other techniques or for sources for supplies. During travels in France, I found sources for French dyes, frames and other supplies and am pleased to be able to offer these products to students and fiber artists. Photos of my work are in the gallery, and the menu will take you to pages with information on workshops and supplies. Please send me an email if you have any questions.